New O.P.P. Headquarters, Orillia, Ontario


A rare photo  of four (4) Commissioners of the O.P.P. with the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario

Commissioners Archie Ferguson and Harold Graham,

Lieutenant-Governor Lincoln Alexander,

Commissioners Eric Silk
and James Erskine



Sudbury - 1971

Young Paul Smith, age 4, the son of Cpl. A.D.R. Smith on motorcycle with an O.P.P. officer.

Today, Paul is an airline pilot with British Airways and flies 747s around the world.




The first three officers of the canine (K9) unit with their dogs - 1965





An old recruitment poster used in 1982 




The old O.P.P. garage located at 125 Lakeshore Blvd., Toronto, Ontario

- 1950



An O.P.P. officer escorting a complete house that is being moved

- 1939




An organized search in the bush for a fugitive

- 1923



Five O.P.P. officers with their motorcycle uniform

- 1939



The O.P.P. seized an airplane, a car and liquor - 1933


An O.P.P. desk flag

This desk flag was presented to R.C.M.P. officer Marvin Wawia by the late O.P.P. Sgt. Dennis John.

They were boyhood friends growing up in Nipigon, Ontario

The photo was graciously provided by officer M. Wawia